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As mentioned, Toph lived a sheltered early life. She ended her reasoning by asking him if he really wanted to sacrifice what she and Satoru deemed to be the future Avatar last airbender toph older a "stupid, backwards holiday". Later on when time came closer to the character's debut, the creators pitched about the humor behind a little girl being able to take on all the strong, buff earthbenders, an idea introduced by head writer Aaron Ehasz that was initially rejected by co-creator Konietzko. Views Read Edit View history. Cronfronting the men about their plans, Toph was met with scorn, causing her to mock them before burying the firebender in a wave of dirt with her earthbending. In AG, after Lin Avatar last airbender toph older Suyin trying to flee from an arrest for theft, the sisters were brought into Toph's office.

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